Termite Control Perth

Some hints on taking termite control measures for your home

Consumer Protection recommend that you arrange for a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home for termites at least  once a year.

Here are somethings for you to consider when booking a termite inspection for your home:

  • Termites nest underground and their entry into your home can often go unnoticed. For this reason, Consumer Protection recommends that you arrange for a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home at least once a year.

  • Look upon inspections as essential insurance for your home which is possibly your largest single investment.

  • Decide whether you want a once only inspection/treatment, or whether you would prefer an ongoing or renewable arrangement. Make certain your requirement is stated in any papers you sign.

  • Before any service is commenced, it is recommended that you ask the operator to produce his or her current licence.

  • Be aware that pesticide operators/technicians should be thorough in conducting their inspection and should carefully check the roof and floor timbers and other areas in accordance with Australian Standard 3660 of 2000. An inspection of an average home should take approximately one hour or more.

  • If a technician cannot gain proper access to the sub floor area or roof space, consider having additional inspection hatches or traps installed.

  • Ask for an assurance that any treatment to your home against termites is necessary or advisable in your particular case and make certain that it will be carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard requirements.

  • Check whether garages, sheds or other outbuildings are covered in any termite warranty; also timber fences and sleeper retaining walls. If not and you want them included, arrange for the agreement/ contract to be endorsed accordingly.

  • Look very closely at the terms of any written guarantee or warranty and check exactly what the small print actually covers - eg. does it cover replacement of any or all damaged timber or just structural timber? What about door frames, cupboards, vanities, furniture and furnishings? There is a growing tendency for 'guarantees' to cover no replacement at all, they just agree to a return visit to deal with any termite infestation or re-infestation.

  • Check that 'replacement' in any guarantee includes the cost of labour to remove and replace the timber - frequently it does not!

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