Phone Cycle Australia

Termico Pest Managements' commitment to the future of our planet through the ethical disposal of end-of-life technology.

Termico Pest Management is committed to protecting the future of our planet through the delivery of more sustainable business practices that are rewarding for our business, the environment, and the wider community. We are proud to announce we have partnered with PhoneCycle Australia to deliver the best possible outcomes as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative (CSR) by minimising our tech carbon footprint through the ethical disposal of Termico Pest Managements' decommissioned devices.

PhoneCycle specialise in sustainable device lifecycle solutions that realises the environmental, social, and economic value of used and decommissioned technology. Their circular economy model aims to divert mobile phones, tablets and laptops from landfill by extending the working life of these devices through reuse, repair and recycling channels. Since 2011, PhoneCycle have led the way in closing the loop on device management through their device buy back services, Apple accredited repairs, reuse device sales and secure data erasure solutions. 

PhoneCycle has diverted over 350,000 devices from landfill and have raised over $450,000 for charity and communities in need by converting old devices into life-changing funds. PhoneCycle also supports charities working with disadvantaged communities facing homelessness and domestic violence issues by providing mobile phones which helps maintain connections with caseworkers and support networks.

Termico Pest Management is proud to deliver meaningful change by ensuring our end-of-life mobile devices are effectively processed to maximise their value, reduce our tech carbon footprint, and give back to the wider community.

Termico Pest Management is dedicated to playing our part in a greener future through the implementation of environmentally and socially conscious practices that deliver impactful outcomes. We look forward to sharing our CSR milestones with the Termico community as we continue to drive change through our partnership with PhoneCycle.