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Did you know that while most other threats to your home can be covered by insurance damage from termites cannot? Each year 1 in 5 Australian homes suffer some form of termite attack causing more damage than storms, floods and fires combined?

Termico Pest Management is Perth's  leading installer of termite treatments and barriers. All of which are backed up by Perth's  most comprehensive warranty giving you peace of mind that your home is protected.

This is just one reason why over 100,000 Western Australian's have chosen us to protect their homes against termites.

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Termite Treatments

Recommendations for treatment will depend upon a variety of factors including the type of building construction, routes of potential or actual termite ingress, accessibility and the home owner’s financial considerations.

Full Timber Pest Inspections should accompany all treatment methods to accurately appraise these factors and determine the current and ongoing risk status of the property.  

Chemical Termite Treatments
Localised treatments can be used to halt termite activity and deter further ingress to the treated area but won’t prevent termites from finding an alternative route through untreated areas.    

Full Perimeter Treatments offer the best protection from termite ingress as they provide a continuous barrier around the whole building.

Two types of chemical can be used:

  • Repellent chemicals

These are easily detected and strongly avoided by termites, providing good protection for treated areas. If access prevents some areas being treated, or if treated areas are later compromised, termites can recognise the gaps and gain ingress through them.

Bifenthrin is the most commonly used repellent which has a residual life of up to 5 years.

  • Non Repellent chemicals

These are not detected by termites. As they don’t avoid the chemical, they will pass through and die from contact with it.  Individual termites exposed to the chemical will also pass on the chemical to other members of the colony and cause a compounding effect. 

As termites don’t detect non repellents, they don’t recognise any difference between treated and untreated areas so ingress through possible gaps is far less likely.
Fipronil is the most commonly used Non repellent which has a residual life of up to 8 years.

Termite Interception and Baiting Systems  
Above Ground systems are used to eliminate termites from buildings by placing stations on termite activity to achieve feeding on the bait matrix instead of the timber they have been eating. Worker termites then feed other members of the colony with the bait and a compounding effect is achieved.

The entire colony (nest) can be eliminated this way, even when the location of the colony is unknown. Monitoring and assessment is maintained so that stations can be added, re baited   or moved in response to observed termite activity.      
In Ground systems are used in a similar way but are installed around properties to provide early detection of termites.  They are particularly useful when building designs prevent effective perimeter barriers as they can intercept termites before the perimeter is breached.    

Perth's most comprehensive warranty!

Did you know your home and contents insurance does not cover you for termite damage?

It comes as a shock to most home owners who may have found termite damage in their home and have contacted their home insurer to find out they are not covered.

Termico solves this problem for you!

Our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty acts as your insurance policy against future termite damage. “Termico Protect” your home against termite invasion and you receive peace of mind.

Our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty stands out against competitors’ warranties and promises. When other pest control companies won’t back their own treatments, Termico Pest Management offer Perth’s most comprehensive termite treatment warranty. Once we install our termite barrier, we guarantee to repair or replace ANY items in the main residence that are damaged by termites during the warranty period! *Conditions apply

Our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty adds value to your home. If you sell your home, our well known and trusted Termite Warranty is fully transferable to the new home owner which adds to the value and security of your home and buyers love it.         

Our customers trust us to protect their home and our premium Termite Treatment Warranty ensures our continued commitment to you.

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