Cricket Pest Control

Crickets are a common pest found in Perth, and while they generally prefer to live outside, during the colder months like many pests they will look for shelter and warmth in homes, garages and sheds.

While crickets pose no serious problem their loud persistent chirping at night can become annoying to some. In addition they have been known to feed on a wide variety of fabrics, food and paper products, resulting in them not always being the most welcome pest to have around the home. 

All our pest control technicians are trained, licensed and experienced in the detection and eradication of crickets.  So if you are wanting to rid these pests from your home give our team a call today.

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Cricket Pest Control

While crickets don't pose any serious threat to our homes, they can quickly become unwanted visitor due to their jumpy disposition & loud persistent chirp. In addition they have been known to feed on various fabric, food and paper products found in and around the home making them a pest to many home owners.

Cricket Control Perth

When it comes to crickets there are a few things that you can do deter them away from your home:

1.) Look around your home for any gaps that could allow crickets to enter and seal these where possible. Using insect screens on doors and windows & doing regular sweeps of these areas will help.

2.) Keep gardens neat, lawns mowed and yards uncluttered from stored goods. If you keep wood piles it's best to keep these away from the house.

3.) Crickets are attracted to light at night so reducing exterior lighting and keeping curtains and blinds closed to reduce light from escaping will help.

4.) Vacuum and / or sweep regularly; especially in areas of low traffic such as behind or underneath furniture to remove any potential eggs, once done dispose of any remnants quickly.

5.) We often find crickets in garages and sheds, particularly when cardboard is stored in there. Therefore reduce stored items in these areas where possible and remove any cardboard.

Termico Pest Management is a proud partner of the RAC & we recently worked with them on a piece 'How to get rid of crickets around your house and garden' which provides more hints and tips on cricket control!

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