Termite Damage Replacement Warranty Renewal

All our termite warranties can be renewed annually, giving you peace of mind that your home remains protected. 

Your home is your greatest asset and there is nothing more important than ensuring it is protected against termite attack.

Each year 1 in 5 homes suffer some form of termite attack causing more damage than storms, floods and fires combined.Home insurance doesn't cover termite attack, therefore our warranty gives you this protection. 

As part of the warranty process we will send out one of our qualified pest control technicians to carry out a full inspection of your home. This inspection will check that you rtermite barrier is still effective and your home is clear from termites & other timber pests. The inspection is included as part of the warranty renewal process and costs  less than most companies charge for an inspection on it’s own.

So don't delay book your renew today  with our friendly customer service team

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