Slab Moisture Barrier

The Building Code of Australia  requires that a building is to “be constructed to provide resistance to moisture from the outside and moisture rising from the ground”. One method of reducing moisture is to ensure the face of the concrete slab is impervious to water ingress.

Termico Resista 101 is a highly penetrative, low viscosity emulsion for surface application to concrete, masonry and block work surfaces. On curing it provides a waterproof surface with minimum effect on the original appearance and texture.

Termico Resista 101 is applied after the concrete slab has been poured and the concreter has removed his forming boards. It works by reacting with the concrete surface and filling the air “voids” in between the particules of the concrete slab.

                  Slab parge.JPG

Benefits of using Termico Resista 101:

  • Termico Resista 101 reacts with and forms part of the concrete slab so it cannot deface from the

  • It's applied in a liquid form – it fills all of the gaps and fissues in the concrete, thus giving a full and continuous moisture barrier.
  • Termico Resista 101 replaces the traditional “parge mix” therefore relieving the bricklayers from applying it allowing them to get on with what they do best – laying bricks.
  • Applied with a blue dye it allows you and/or your client can see where the product has been applied.
  • Termico Resista 101 has been tested in accordance with BS1881-208:1996 “Testing concrete:-
    recommendations for the determination of the initial surface absorption of concrete”. The
    product meets the capillary absorption test (CAT) and the initial surface absorption test (ISAT)
    criteria of BS1217:1997 “Specification for cast stone”.

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