Termite Barriers Perth

Pest Control in Perth is vital and the Building Code of Australia generally requires some form of termite barrier to be installed, during the construction process. Termico Pest Management is Perth’s leading installer of termite barriers.

Over 120,000 Western Australians have chosen Termico Pest Management to protect their homes against termites.

All our chemical and physical termite barriers are supported by our Termite Damage Replacement Warranty. This warranty is renewable on an annual basis giving you, and your customer's peace of mind that their property is protected against termite attack,

Chemical Termite Barriers

Our chemical soil termite barriers are applied either through hand spray or reticulation system.

All Termico vehicles are equipped with a direct injection system (negating the need to hand mix the pesticide) together with a digital flow meter to ensure accurate and precise application and overall quality control.

Physical Termite Barriers

We have a range of physical termite barriers available to meet you building requirements such as:

  • Kordon
  • Trithor
  • Home Guard
  • JH Termite Barrier
  • Stainless Steel Mesh

Unsure on what you require for your build? Don't worry we are here to help - our Sales Team has a wealth of experience and can give you the best advice to meet you termite protection requirements.

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