Pest Management in the Food Industry

Our dedicated training team ensures all Termico Pest Management Technicians provide pest control services which meet the requirements of Foodsafe and HACCP based Food Safety Programmes.

We adhere to the ‘Australian & New Zealand Code of Practice – Pest Management in the Food Industry’, which promotes best practices in managing pests within food premises.

Aims of the code are as follows:

• Define Best Practice in Pest Management that Food Businesses and Pest Managers can achieve in partnership.

• Define the roles and responsibilities to achieve the desired outcomes to assure food safety.

• Incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices into the Food Industry.

• Provide Pest Management that complements the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), Food Standards Code and Food Businesses Food Safety Programs.

• To provide a source of reliable information to Pest Managers and Food Businesses on some of the key drivers in each of their industries, and for them to better understand the decisions and needs of each.

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HACCP Certified