Pest Control Camping Essentials

3 Sep. 2020

Spring has arrived in Perth!

Spring has sprung in Perth and if you didn’t manage to skip winter with a trip to our beautiful North West , then now’s the time to start digging out the camping gear and get ready to explore our wonderful state.

As we reappear from our winter hibernation so do many of Perth’s common pests. While some may just be an annoying addition while exploring the great outdoors, some can pack a painful and potentially deadly bite and / or sting. Therefore while your busy packing up the sunscreen here are a few more items you may want to consider taking on your trip!

Snake Bite Kit

WA is home to more than 50 species of venomous snakes, so when out exploring the great outdoors it’s important to keep vigilant and stick to walking trails where you can. Investing in a snake bite kit is definitely worthwhile and could save your life.

Snake bite kit.jpg

First Aid Kit

When packing your first aid kit keep in mind what insects you may encounter. For example, tweezers come in handy for removing ticks, anti-itch gels or creams & antihistamines to treat insect bites / stings  & if anyone on your trip has a history of severe allergic reactions make sure you obtain any medical equipment and / or medicine they may require.

First aid kit.jpg

Fly Nets

Flies are definitely one of the more well-known pests during the warmer months and drive many of us crazy. While fly nets may not be the most fashionable of items you’ll be thankful you packed one!

Fly nets.jpg

Practical Clothing

One rule of thumb when camping is whenever and wherever possible to cover exposed skin to protect from insect bites and stings.


Insect Repellent

Insect repellent in the forms of creams, sprays and even bands are a great way to deter bugs, sending them off to find easier prey.

insect repellent.jpg

Food Storage Containers

Food attracts many of Perth’s common pests therefore making sure food is keep securely sealed will help keep the bugs at bay!

food storage.jpg

Flea & Tick Treatments

If your family dog is also coming along for the ride make sure that before you go they have been treated with the appropriate flea and tick medicine as advised by your veterinarian.
This will help protect your dog from any nasty bugs and also decrease the chances of them bring them back into the home when you return.

camping dogs.jpg

Don’t let the pests stop you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors just go prepared!

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