Why termite treatments are so important!

26 Feb. 2020

Recently we were called to a Perth home to re-install a termite barrier, and we couldn’t have come soon enough!

On pulling up the paving ready to carry out the termite treatment, our technician came across some busy termites looking for a way to sneak into the home.

Termites 5PE paving 1.jpg

Termites located under the paving of a Perth home

Termites 5PE paving 2.jpg

Fortunately, for this homeowner they had been keeping up with their annual termite inspections and had followed advice in ensuring they had up to date termite protection in place. Our pest control technician treated the termites and reinstalled the termite barrier; giving the homeowners peace of mind that their home remained protected.

However, there are a number of homeowners across Perth that have not been so lucky, and have been  left with the financial burden of hefty repairs following termite attack. Some homeowners have even had to move out of their homes due to termites destroying key structural timbers making their homes unsafe to live in.

What can you do to protect your home from termites?

Don’t wait until your home is being eaten by termites before taking action. Here are somethings you can do to protect your home against termite attack:

Termite Treatments

Firstly, check when your home was last treated for termites; you should be able to locate this information inside your meter box. If the last treatment was more than 5 years ago, your home might be at risk.

Termite Protection Warranties

When choosing a company to install termite protection look very closely at the terms of any written guarantee or warranty and check exactly what the small print actually covers - eg. does it cover replacement of any or all damaged timber or just structural timber? What about door frames, cupboards, vanities, furniture and furnishings? There is a growing tendency for 'guarantees' to cover no replacement at all, they just agree to a return visit to deal with any termite infestation or re-infestation.

Also check that 'replacement' in any guarantee includes the cost of labour to remove and replace the timber - frequently it does not!

Termite Inspections

When was your home last inspected for termites? ……….. Even with a termite barrier its recommend by Consumer Protection that you arrange for a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home at least once a year. Look upon inspections as essential insurance for your home. These inspections are important in checking any termite barriers in place remain effective and ensuring early detection of potential termite and / or other timber pest activity.

Other Termite Control Measures

Check around your home for items that could attract termite activity & explore ways to make changes that will reduce the risk. Examples of items that can attract termites and prevention tips can be found in our blog ‘How to reduce the risk of termites eating your home!

We hope you found this useful and encourage anyone that is concerned about termite activity or would like to find out more about termite treatment options to contact our team today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!


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