Are termites knocking on your door?

20 Jul. 2018

Termites - natures construction experts

Termites are creatures of habit but we don’t mind forging new paths as it leads us to new sources of food. Digging, building and repairing is in our nature; we’re made for it, no tools needed. We’re natural excavators and construction experts and our mud workings provide a safe and easy path back and forth from the nest. .   

What we like even more is to take the path of least resistance and use cracks, crevices, gaps and pathways that already exist. Utilising   the galleries and shelter tubes of another termite colony that has sadly met its demise, provides us with the easiest paths of all. Our soldiers use their big ugly heads and Rap – A -Tap –Tap on the outside of any unfamiliar shelter tubes to see if any one is home. If we get a reply we’ll leave it alone, if not then a few more knocks on the door to be certain and if all is quiet then fancy that, well happily move in.

Maybe there will be a few repairs to be carried out but why build new roads when some other colony has already built roads for us? And who knows what exciting destinations they will lead to? Merci beaucoup.  


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