The Flight Cut

13 Oct. 2017

The weather is warming up and it’s nearly time for the alates to be released. Alates are reproductive termites that can replace the King and Queen if they die or they can fly away from our nest to start new nests somewhere else. When the air is warm, humid and still, the conditions are perfect for them to leave. Not too hot and not too cold. Bon debbarras I say, good riddance to them.   

I’ve been reassigned to the nest to help open the flight cut in our tree. Us workers need to re open it once or twice a year to give the alates a safe and easy way out. Lots of soldiers gather around also; they need to protect the alates from ants as they prepare to launch and to stop ants from getting into our nest while the flight cut is open.  Sometimes hundreds of alates leave together, fluttering about for a while before they land somewhere, drop their wings and try to find a tree stump or an old log on the ground to crawl under. Good luck with that! Ill stay right here thank you very much.


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