Needs of a Termite

16 Feb. 2018

There’s always drama in the life of a termite; life threatening situations actually and desiccation is one of them. We have very thin skins called cuticles and we don’t like dry conditions; alates and soldiers  are a bit better at dealing with it but workers don’t like it at all, no siree Bob. We like moisture and we avoid sunlight and dry air as much as we can. We are subterranean after all and the sun doesn’t shine under ground.   

So this scouting gig is a bit of an issue. We’re forging new frontiers and it isn’t safe. Back in the nest it’s a balmy 31 degrees , humidity near 100% , palm trees grow and rents are low but you know  – oh never mind. The point is, we need moisture as much as we need food and we’re always looking for both. Sometimes we build out stations called bivouacs where we can re hydrate, but the moisture for bivouacs needs to come from somewhere. Wall voids aren’t a bad place to build them and leaky air conditioners and hot water systems are a convenient source of water. The best thing about bivouacs is – Mum and Dad aren’t there to watch over us and we can run amok. 


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