Terry Goes Scouting

29 Nov. 2017

Today should be exciting. We need a new food source, so some of my buddies and me are on a scouting mission. We have a few soldiers with us too; butt ugly and as sharp as throw cushions but we’re glad to have them along for protection. We have the brains, they have the brawn. At the first sign of trouble, we’ll run away screaming and leave the soldiers to deal with it.  

Scouting means that we wander around randomly, looking for wood to eat. We really don’t know where it will be; we just take the paths of least resistance and hope that we bump into something.  Usually, it will be right on the surface of the ground, so that’s always a good place to look. If we do find something big enough to feed to colony for a while, we’ll lay a scent trail back to the nest. Other workers follow the trail and it leads them straight to the food. Once every one knows where it is, we can build a four lane highway if we need to and attack en masse.


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