Termites cause $40,000 worth of damage to a Parmelia home

1 Nov. 2019

A Parmelia resident has had to move out of her home after termites destroyed the roof leaving her with an estimated damage bill of $40,000, which is not covered by her home & contents insurance. 

The Owner contacted her insurance company after she noticed a water leak. The insurance inspector attended and reported that the leak had been caused by termite damage and recommended that the home owner make contact with a Pest Control Company for a termite treatment and full inspection.

Contact was made with Termico Pest Management, who have been working to protect homes across WA against termites since 1996 & are considered Perth’s leader in termite treatments & inspections. 

Pest Control Technician Dario Orellana attended the property to carry out a termite treatment and inspection. However after conducting a preliminary inspection he had concerns regarding the extent of the damage and recommended that a builder check the structural safety of the house. This was the right call as on inspection the builder confirmed that the roof structures were so badly damaged that there was a real possibility that the roof could collapse at any time and the home was deemed unsafe.

The home hadn’t been treated by a pest control professional for termites since 2006 and regular inspections hadn’t been maintained, meaning that termites had gone unnoticed allowing them plenty of time to destroy the roof.

To repair the roof and make the home livable again is going to cost an estimated $40,000, and to make matters worse as the damage was caused by termites it is NOT covered under home insurance!

termite damage 3.JPG

termite damage 5.JPG

We spoke with the home owner who has confirmed that work to repair the roof won’t start for another 8 weeks and in the meantime she has had to move out of her home into rented accommodation. Not only has she been left to find the money to pay for the new roof, she is also having to pay for storage for all her possessions and rent, as well as making her normal mortgage payments. 

The home owner has expressed how she wants this to be a warning to other homeowners across Perth. She said ‘I would like to warn others of the importance of getting someone to carry out regular inspections. I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. I did my own spraying but had a water leak a few years back, which was fixed, however I now believe this could have started the problem as I’ve been told termites like moisture.

I have found Termico Pest Management to be a very honest company. Once the roof has been repaired I will be using them to treat my home for termites'.  

This home owner isn’t alone though! Termites like to live in dark, humid & protected environments making them extremely hard to detect, and are considered to be one of the most destructive pests in the world. Each year 1 in 5 Australian homes are damaged by termites resulting in huge financial losses, and they are said to cause more damage to properties than flood, fire and storms combined. 

Termico Pest Management work alongside many of Perth’s major builders ensuring Termite Prevention measures are put in place for all new homes. Their Termite Treatments are all backed by their Termite Damage Replacement Warranty which can be renewed annually and provides customers with complete peace of mind that their homes are protected against termite attack. 

While many WA residents do know the risk termites pose, there are many out there that don’t.
Lots of people assume that because they have had a termite treatment done to their home once they are safe. This is not the case, while a termite treatment to your home is a great way to prevent termite attack, the chemicals used do break down over time and therefore retreatments are required. In addition termite treatments can become disturbed over time or items may be placed around a home which creates a bridge allowing termites to safely enter a property. It because of these reasons regular termite inspections are considered a crucial part in termite prevention. Consumer Protection recommend that you arrange for a licensed pest control technician to inspect your home for termites at least once a year. 

While the cost to repair this home is devastating for the client the outcome of this could have been a lot worse if she hadn’t identified the issue when she did. So please, if you’re reading this and know your home is overdue for a termite inspection, please contact Termico Pest Management and get your home inspected as soon as possible. For a small fee it could save you thousands and more importantly keep you & your family safe!

For more information on protecting your home against termites visit our Termite Control Measures page or contact us today on 08 9443 9880.


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