When pest control goes wrong

15 May 2020

Like many jobs around the house, there's sometimes no harm in giving pest control a go yourself before calling in the professionals - or is there?

These people opted to have a go at it themselves but something tells me they will be leaving it to the professionals in future!
1.)    Bug bombs trigger a massive gas explosion destroying a Sydney home
A Sydney family had a lucky escape after they released a number of insect bombs in their home triggering a massive gas explosion.

The family were lucky that no one was killed during the explosion.

bug bomb.jpgPest Bomb 2.JPG

This case is reminder to everyone to take care when attempting to treat your home for pests. Always read the label, follow the instructions provided and if you're unsure or the job is too big, contact a professional pest control company!

2.)    Amateur snake catcher bitten by cobra
Tushar Patel has spent the last 15 years rescuing snakes in India. One rescue back in 2018 went horribly wrong though, leaving Tushar battling for his life.

Within 5 minutes of the bite he had taken himself to a local hospital where he was treated by a snake bite specialist. For three days he fought to stay alive and was in a comatose state due to the venom. Luckily nine days later he was released from hospital and has lived to tell the tale.

Western Australia has more than 50 species of venomous land snakes including some of the world's most deadly, with Brown Snakes and Tiger Snakes being amongst the most common. If you find a snake in or around your home its best you take caution and contact a professional to remove & relocate it, as one bite could be fatal.

3.)    Man sets his home on fire trying to kill spiders
A Californian man attempted to kill spiders using a blow torch and ended up setting his home alight.

There are cheaper, more effective and safer ways to eradicate spiders, which I think this homeowner wishes he had taken rather than reaching for the blowtorch.

4.)  Wasp nest removal goes wrong

This guy decided the best way to deal with a wasp nest was to knock it down with a stick. Well his wife was ready with the camera as she knew these wasps wouldn’t go down without a fight.  

Sometimes it’s just best to leave the pests to the professionals!


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