Bon Voyage

9 Nov. 2017

3 Months old and I’m all grown up at last.  Lots of those freeloading alates have left the nest and the workers are celebrating.  There was a bit of carnage at the launch site .The local ant colony attacked as they often do, just as the alates were getting ready to take off. Our soldiers are pretty belligerent and managed to fend off the ants long enough for most of the alates to fly away safely and for my buddies and me to mud up the flight cut. That keeps us safe and sound on the inside. What happens on the outside; well it isn’t pretty.   

So the workers are having a bon voyage party. A few hundred less mouths to feed and we’ve got some lovely soft, fungus infected damp wood to pass around. Moisture, fungus and cellulose all together: made for each other, gorgeous. 


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